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  写端午节的高中英语作文篇1  The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is

celebrated onthe fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.

Thisfestival is to commemorate the death of QU Yuan, an upright and honest poet

andstatesman who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in

ariver.  The most important activity of this festival is the Dragon Boat races.

Itsymbolizes people‘s attempts to rescue Qu Yuan. In the current period,

theseraces also demonstrate the virtues of cooperation and teamwork.  Besides妈妈的爱作文300字

the festival has also been marked by eating zong zi (glutinousrice)。

Zong zi is made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings andwrapped in

bamboo or reed leaves. People who mourned the death of Qu threw Zongzi into the

river to feed his ghost every year.  With the changes of the times, the memorial

turns to be a time forprotection from evil and disease for the rest of year.

People will hang healthyherbs on the front door to clear the bad luck of the

house. Although thesignificance of the festival might be different with the

past, it still givesthe observer an opportunity to glimpse a part of the rich

Chinese culturalheritage.  端午节,又称为端午节,定在第五个月的第五天据中国日历。











  写端午节的高中英语作文篇2  The Dragon Boat Festival can be a big one in Chinese folk

festivals.Zongzi, tea eggs and mugwort are all characteristics of the Dragon

BoatFestival.  When I was a child before the Dragon Boat Festival I can fully

excitementahead of last week, because you can eat delicious dumplings, then life

ismonotonous, also very bitter, not a holiday everyday is what also can't

eat.Speaking of zongzi, it is not only delicious, but the main thing is that it

isfun to make dumplings. Every year Dragon Boat Festival arrived, mother on

thefirst night run a bowl of glutinous rice, package, together with my mother

inthe morning is in the green leaves with glutinous rice and jujube, into

threeform of rice dumplings, wrapped on the pot for cooking after 3 or 4 hours,

afterthe mother put the dumplings in the prepared within two buckets, cold

aftercarefully through bamboo leaves, bite on white glutinous rice, purplish

redjujube is, dip in the sugar to eat, then eat is so sweet and

delicious,resistant finish.  On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the family

put the artemisia in themountains on the door, saying that in order to ward off

evil spirits, ourchildren just imitated and didn't understand the meaning of

it.  端午节在中国的民间节日中可以算得上隆重,粽子、茶鸡蛋、插艾蒿等都是端午节的特色。





  写端午节的高中英语作文篇3  Dragon Boat race Traditions At the center of this festival are

the dragonboat races. Competing teams drive their colorful dragon boats forward

to therhythm of beating drums. These exciting races were inspired by the

villager'svaliant attempts to rescue Chu Yuan from the Mi Lo river. This

tradition hasremained unbroken for centuries.  端午节在本节的中心是龙舟比赛。




  Tzung Tzu A very popular dish during the Dragon Boat festival is tzung

tzu.This tasty dish consists of rice dumplings with meat, peanut, egg yolk, or

otherfillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. The tradition of tzung tzu is meant to

remindus of the village fishermen scattering rice across the water of the Mi Low

riverin order to appease the river dragons so that they would not devour

ChuYuan.  粽子的受欢迎的食物是粽子在端午节。



  Ay Taso The time of year of the Dragon Boat Festival, the fifth lunar moon,has

more significance than just the story of Chu Yuan. Many Chinese considerthis

time of year an especially dangerous time when extra efforts must be madeto

protect their family from illness. Families will hang various herbs, calledAy

Tsao, on their door for protection. The drinking of realgar wine is thoughtto

remove poisons from the body. Hsiang Bao are also worn. These sachets

containvarious fragrant medicinal herbs thought to protect the wearer from

illness.  是的TASO的龙舟节每年的这个时候,农历第五月,已不仅仅是屈原的故事更有意义。






  写端午节的高中英语作文篇4  The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is

celebrated onthe fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.

Forthousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi

(glutinousricewrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing

dragonboats.The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, especially in

thesouthern provinces where there are many rivers and

lakes.Thisregattacommemorates the death of Qu Yuan , an honest minister who is

said tohave committed suicide by drowning himself in a river. The dragon-boat

racessymbolize the many attempts to rescue and recover Qu's body. A typical

dragonboat ranges from 50-100 feet in length, with a beam of about 5.5

feet,accommodating two paddlers seated side by

side.  龙舟节,也叫端午节,是在中国的农历五月初五这一天庆祝。






  写端午节的高中英语作文篇5  The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most popular traditional

festivalscelebrated in China, which is on the fifth of the fifth lunar month,

also knownas Duanwu Festival. It’s said that it is to commemorate the death of a

Chinesepatriotic poet, Qu Yuan, who was snared by corrupt officials in ancient

Chinaand finally committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River to

protestagainst them.  端午节是中国传统节日中最流行的节日之一妈妈的爱作文300字,它是在阴历五月的第五天。


  The traditions and customs held on this festival differ from place toplace,

but there are some common in them. First, the most famous and greattradition is

holding Dragon Boat races, which are held by fishermen’s attempt toprotect Qu

Yuan’s body against attacking by fishes and other animals in theriver by beating

drums and row the dragon shaped boat. Nowadays dragon boatraces have been an

annual popular sport activity among people. In addition,making and eating

Zongzi—a dumpling made of glutinous rice and wrapped in bambooor reed leaves—is

also a popular custom during this day. It can be made by manykinds of stuffing.

What’s more, hanging herbs on the front door, drinkingrealgar wine and pasting

up picture of Zhongkui—a mythic guardian figure inancient china—are also popular

during the festival, which are mean to protectpeople from evil and

disease.  这个传统习俗不同的地方有不同的庆祝方式,但也有相同的方面。






  These customs and traditions have been changed a little in recent years,but

they still make contribution to the spread and inheritance of

Chineseculture.  这些习俗和传统,在最近几年已经发生了一些变化,但他们仍然为中国文化传承与传播做贡献。



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